Is It Really All in Your Head?

The Lazer Speaks

How are you feeling today? Have you been working out; eating right; getting enough sleep? These are the questions we either ask ourselves or are asked of us every week. And so, we try, sometimes, despite the occasional Oreo, to eat better, work out, even if it is just walking more and sleeping better.But no matter how hard we try sometimes we just don’t feel right. So, we look for other answers, because the last thing in the world you want to hear is that maybe it’s just all in your head!

So, what do we try? Well if you look to the East, maybe you try acupuncture? There are a few practitioners at the beach who are very good. If the thought of someone sticking needles into your body while you are laying down reminds you of your marriage, then perhaps it isn’t for you. But acupuncture does provide several tangible benefits as part of a wellness plan. Coupled with a massage every once in a while, one can achieve a peacefulness without emptying a case of Coors Lights.

For others, yoga provides not only a physical release through stretching but a meditative experience that helps one focus more acutely. Practiced on a regular basis, flexibility is improved, balance is restored, and restfulness is achieved. But if “Oming” freaks you out because you think you might get brainwashed into wearing orange robes and asking for donations on the lower east side, then perhaps yoga is not for you. Although this is not a bad retirement plan, trust me.

I have also heard of people trying cryogenics. What’s that you say? Well it’s the use of nitrogen infused cold chambers to chill the body, restoring the body’s natural defenses against joint-related diseases. In addition, high-performing athletes use this practice to improve performance levels. While the treatments last only three minutes, it does get quite cold, and you may question the benefit afterwards. In my case, I actually felt better afterwards but would be hard-pressed to tell you why I actually did. Although you may be nervous about certain Seinfeld related “shrinkage” syndromes, as it can get quite chilly! So, treatment may not be for some men.

Of course, any activity that gets your endorphins fired up brings on a general feeling of euphoria that is hard to beat. And generally, when you are tired physically, sleep follows more easily. So as the summer winds down and the kids get ready to go back to school and you get your kingdoms back to yourselves, maybe treat yourself to some “me” time to regenerate the body and spirit after a terrific summer. Get a massage, try yoga or an acupuncture treatment, or maybe a cryogenic treatment, maybe go vegan for a week to see how that feels. And of course, if you do all that and still don’t feel just right, remember, it’s probably only all in your head anyway!

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