The Play’s the Thing

The Lazer Speaks

Ok, so you have taken the ferry in, done Stone Street, done Fraunces Tavern, hit Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange, and the Smithsonian at Bowling Green, now what? I’m glad you asked that question because when you get off the ferry you have access to two things that can make a Wednesday afternoon quite nice in the city. The first is the subway at Wall and William Streets, right up the block from the ferry. The number 2 or 3 trains will take you directly to Times Square.

The second is the TKTS office in Times Square at 47th street. This site opens at 10 a.m. for same day matinee shows. And if you are going to see a play (a non-musical), you can go to the west side of the site and avoid potentially longer lines. How discounted and how good are the tickets? I have sat in the first row for about $70 to see a first rate show. And you can now use your credit card to buy the tickets. At one time it was cash only, but that has changed.

So what should you see? Well there’s an app for that! Go to to see real-time listings of shows available. What shows are available? How about Hello Dolly; A Bronx Tale; Kinky Boots; Beautiful; Escape to Margaritaville to name just a few.

How many stops on the train? Not bad really, there are five stops and it goes by really fast. Once you get off at Times Square, just navigate your way up to 47th street to the TKTS booth. After the show it’s easy to head back downtown the same way, just hop on the train and back to the ferry. Most shows start at 2 p.m. and are over by 4:30, it’s not out of the question to be on the ferry soon afterwards heading back to the Rock. By then it should be time for a nice sunset and dinner at the Wharf.

The last three shows I have seen have been as different as night and day, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center was absolutely beautiful. Great sets, songs and the kind of feeling you get when your spirit has been lifted by something bigger than you. The Play that Goes Wrong was side-splittingly funny and reminiscent of Monty Python in that ridiculous sort of way. Lobby Hero was also funny but was laden with moral choices that we all face in life and the consequences of the choices we make. Heavier stuff, but a good workout for the mind and spirit too.

If you want to try something completely different (to quote a Monty Python saying) check out National Geographic’s Ocean Encounter on West 44th Street. You can find it online at, and get discounted tickets on that site too. This virtual underwater exploration of the seas and the creatures that live there are mindboggling. The technology used to simulate this deep dive is really cool stuff. It takes about an hour to go through the guided tour, but is well worth it.

Hope you get the chance to get out and see some of the great things our city has to offer, and with the ferry at our disposal, it’s all only a short ride away! Happy sailing!

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