The Lazer Speaks

The strangest thing about time is that it seems like it is measurable; we have clocks and systems for measuring days, hours, minutes, seconds and even finer points. But have you ever noticed that at certain times that time itself seems like it expands and contracts? Think about it, there are always those situations when you feel like it is taking forever to get to what you want, or forever for something to end. Then there are those situations when you are truly enjoying yourself, but the time whisks by so quickly it doesn’t seem fair.

How is that even possible? I mean a minute is a minute, right? An hour an hour; but, depending upon your expectations and your feelings, it influences how you experience the moment. I am always amazed at how some people can take a terrible situation and see light in it. I truly envy those folks because they are forever optimistic, and they make us all feel better, as opposed to those that see darkness in everything and are truly a bummer to be around.

I don’t know if time is subjective or not, I am no Einstein for sure, but it seems to me that how you see the world, and the environment that you are in and the people that surround you certainly influences how you experience time. How often have you been in a bad situation with fun people and had a great time? We walk away feeling better about ourselves and the world. I’m not always optimistic, but I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people my whole life who see the glass as half-filled. And it’s had a positive effect on me and my outlook.

It’s hard to understand when people leave us too soon, how that could be fair or possible. Those are times when we feel that the “time” we had was way too short. And usually those are the people that are blessed with some indomitable spirit or optimistic point of view that made them magnetic to be around. Their force always pulled you toward them and never away. Their spirit seemed to defy time itself, looking the broad continuum straight in the eye, winking conspiratorially and moving on with a smile left on everyone’s face. They simply made you feel better despite time.

When those blithe spirits leave us, “time” seems to come back and demand it’s proper due, collecting those lost moments to its fiercest competitors. But no matter, we are the richer for the experience of feeling time bend toward optimism, toward the light, refracted toward the heavens. How lucky we are to have had those experiences.

I guess the best way to say thank you, is to continue the tradition of being optimistic, being the light-hearted one, never the heavy. In that way, time can never win because we pass those traits on to the next generation fearlessly. Here’s to the “time-benders,” may you light the way. 

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