Keeping it Local When Away

The Lazer Speaks

So, the big wedding day came, and we were so happy to celebrate with friends, family and mermaids, a true gathering of sea people! But we did it inland, away from the sea, although there was a small waterway nearby, the Maspeth Kill, we were surrounded by land.

And how did it all come together? Well, it started with a vision, and the Highlanders of Shorefront provided that by looking for a blank canvas with which to paint their masterpiece. But we learned that a blank canvas takes a lot of paint to complete the picture. The blank slate was 99 Scott in Bushwick, only a few minutes from my old Greenpoint stomping grounds. As it turns out, 99 Scott is an oasis in an industrial setting. But where do you turn for the paint? Rockaway, of course.

We started by engaging with a caterer. And the suggestions we received were unanimous: get Mary Morgan of Ludwig’s. We met Mary during a particularly difficult time in her life. Not really knowing her personally, we found not just a caterer, but a new friend, and a psychic guide for the path we were to walk. And the choice was inspired, as guests continue to not only rave about the quality of the food, but the quantity of food, especially the appetizers, which as you know sets the whole tone for what is to follow. In addition, her staff could not have been nicer or more professional, and do they ever work hard and long to make it work.

And did you know that Whitney, yes that Whit, drove his truck with the oven right into the outdoor cocktail party and served his signature dish: pizza. Whole pies only, no slice for you, one year! Spectacular. And while sipping some wine, throughout the whole wedding was Geoff Rawling painting the happy couple, kilt and all. Yes, Geoff paints live events.

But as many of the mer-people know, one cannot live by bread alone. Rockawayites require drink, too. And if you invite the sea people to a wedding and run out of grog, then you are in trouble. Who to turn to? Why Billy Heeran and Mikey Egan of course, because they understand the dynamics for keeping the locals well-hydrated! And did they ever. With a team of locals, faces everyone knows, there was never a line at any bar, and to my understanding they broke the record for Irish coffees served in one setting! Wowee!

After food and drink, you have to have great music. There are so many choices in Rockaway that it would be too hard to choose, so the Scots went with an outside band that was phenomenal. But we had to add that local flavor to get it just right, so enter stage right: Tiffany Lyons and Simon Chardiet. They handled the cocktail hour as if it were a cool jazz club and you were watching the two coolest cats in the club. When it came to the couples first song together, they went left again, and chose the electrifying Billy Campion, who played an original tune on an acoustic guitar backed by his electronics. He later joined the band for an all-together stunning version of Into the Mystic. If your feet didn’t hurt from dancing all afternoon, it had to be because of Billy and Mikey’s serving skills.

Now when all that is said and done, you gotta have cake. And Rockaway has a great cake maker—Melissa Donovan, owner of Regal Icing Cakery. Let me tell you, she makes a delicious cake and cupcake.

How do you remember all this happening? Well you can’t. Which is why you hire a videographer. And of course, Rockaway has one of the nicest ones around, Travis Mitterway of Video Mittermax Films. Unobtrusive, but omnipresent. Perfect.

And oh yeah, the wedding ceremony was written by the happy couple and included the Scottish hand-tying wedding protocol that included historical references to “tying the knot” and “a year and a day,” which was admirably administered by the mystical minister Nancy Gahles in a flowing vestment. God truly blessed the event and couple.

So, when you leave the peninsula, even for a big day, remember to take Rockaway with you, and spread the love. We live in a truly special place!

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