Learn The Art of Burlesque


Have you ever fantasized about starring at the Moulin Rouge?

Well now’s your chance. Except you get learn the art of burlesque dancing without having to fly to Paris. Enchantress Shane Kulman will be holding Rockaway’s first burlesque class on Wednesday, January 17.

On Wednesday, starting at 6 p.m., Kulman will be leading a 90-minute intro to burlesque class at Rockaway Love yoga studio (90-16 Rockaway Beach Boulevard). No experience is needed and it’s open to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Kulman calls the class “an immersive experience of movement in your feminine body and a thoughtful yet engaging metamorphosis into your next exciting life adventure!”

“The idea is to bring femininity, fun and theater together,” Kulman said. “Burlesque is the place where you get to play and be witnessed and have fun in that adult body that women are often disconnected from.”

Kulman is not shy about speaking about her past as an exotic dancer. “The freedom I felt and self-appreciation I found was worth more than anything. Working in these exotic dancing clubs was a celebration for me and a sort of, coming out,” she said in a Facebook live video. She hopes to share that feeling of freedom with other women, without the nudity.

This beginners class will require clothing. However there won’t be mirrors in the studio and the lights will be low so that women will feel more comfortable moving their bodies.

If you can’t make it, Kulman will be holding another class at Sexy Spirits in Manhattan at 7 p.m. on January 31. If the classes are a success, Kulman hopes to turn it into a regular series that will eventually culminate in a burlesque show.

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