Plenty of Pricey Parks Plans


Since Hurricane Sandy, many park-related projects have been in the works to replace things that were destroyed and to improve other areas. Some may be curious about things like when old playgrounds will be replaced and how much new handball courts might costs. The Parks Department recently provided an update on the status of certain projects, their cost and the next steps before they become a reality.

On Tuesday, March 20, Robby Schwach of Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office provided some of the updates from the Parks Department.

Construction on a flagpole on Beach 94th is expected to begin sometime this summer. A schematic design was presented to Community Board 14 in May 2017 and the design should be complete sometime this month. It will then need to be approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The total budget for the project? $200,000.

The budget for the Beach 94th Street Performance space is $3M. This project started the design process on January 29, 2018 and the design concept is still being formulated. The anticipated construction start date is spring 2020.

The design start date for a new dog park located at Beach 92nd Street was January 24, 2018 and the design is still being formulated. The dog park, budgeted at $1,493,292, is also estimated to begin in spring 2020.

New playgrounds are part of the plan, of course. Sandpiper Playground, located around Beach 106th, just off the boardwalk, is expected to start this summer. The design is complete. The procurement process began in June 2017. Bids were reviewed and the Parks Department is in the process of awarding the contract. This playground is budgeted as $5.2M. Another playground located between Beach 101st and Beach 98th, may take longer. The design phase began on January 22, 2018 and the design is still being formulated. This playground, with a budget of $7,907,088, won’t begin until spring 2020.

A new and exciting adventure course, located between Beach 91st and Beach 86th Street, will begin construction in spring 2020. The design phase began on January 22, 2018 and is still being formulated. This project is budgeted at $4,479,912.

The long-awaited handball courts and skate park will be coming soon. The handball courts, located at Beach 103rd and Beach 105th, are expected to begin being constructed this summer. The procurement process began in December 2017 and bids for this $2.1M project are due this month. The new skate park, located at Beach 91st Street, will also begin construction this summer, but more towards the end of summer. The design is complete. A low bid dollar amount received requires a re-bid for this project. The project will be rebid in the spring. The budget for this project is $3,914,000.

A multi-purpose sports field, located between Beach 81st and Beach 77th, has a total budget of $7,775,681. The design process is scheduled to begin on March 21, 2018 and the anticipated construction start is summer 2020.

The final update provided was for a labyrinth and seating area planned for a space between Beach 94th and Beach 93rd. The design process for this project, budgeted at $2,169,726, is set to begin on March 29, 2018 and construction may begin in the summer of 2020.