Channel View Students Become Farmers for a Week


On the week of March 12, 24 sixth-grade students from Channel View School for Research worked at Springbrook Farm in Reading, Vermont. They got to experience milking a cow, tapped trees to get sap for maple syrup and watched a cow give birth to a baby bull. They also learned how to make cheese by watching the Cheese House Farmers. It wasn’t all work and no play. The kids also got to go snowshoeing and sledding. They also planted seeds to grow basil, dill and cilantro to go into the salads for the next school that will be working on the farm. The children were accompanied by science teachers, Ms. Husnain, Ms. McGoldrick and Literacy Coach Kerri Walsh. Kayla Shanahan, a sixth-grader  said, “it was an unforgettable experience combining fun with learning.”


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