Boro Prez Appoints New CB14 Members


On Monday, April 2, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz announced the appointments of 331 people to serve two-year terms on Community Boards across the borough.

Of the 331 appointees, 62 are serving on the Community Board for the first time. For Rockaway’s Community Board 14, one of those first-timers is 20-year-old Tamera Jacobs, making her one of the youngest board members on CB14. Jacobs is a Far Rockaway resident who also serves as Director of Operations and Programs for the Rockaway Youth Task Force.

“I am incredibly proud to announce that I have been appointed to serve as a board member of Queens Community Board 14,” Jacobs said in a Facebook post. “Community Boards play a vital role in local government, dealing with issues from zoning, public safety, and transportation to parks and education. I look forward to representing our community to the best of my abilities.”

The two-year terms began on April 1. Those new members who were appointed demonstrated both an understanding of the community’s needs and a commitment to serving the public.

“To serve on a Community Board is a significant commitment of time and energy, and the dedication demonstrated by each member is a testament to the strength of the civic life unique to our borough,” Borough President Katz said. “Thank you especially to the Community Board chairs, district managers and members, who all continue to do an extraordinary – oftentimes thankless job – for the people of Queens and of the City of New York.”

All of the CB14 appointees are Audrey Amsterdam-Handy, Khaleel Anderson, Edward Benson, Louis Caucig, Mordechai Dicker, Ahmad Edwards, Noreen Ellis, Dave Heffernan, Tamera Jacobs, Felicia Johnson, Betty Leon, Annette Lord Cohen, Ife Maijeh, Desiree Maple, Rosalyn Mason, Sonia Moise, Helen Montero, Ellen O'Reilly, Dolores Orr, Harold Paez, Eddy Pastore, Linda Plummer, Daniel Ruscillo, Jr., Christopher Tedesco, Carole Trachtenberg, Jose Velez, and Tyrone Worsley.

The new members will serve during their first meeting on Tuesday, April 10 at 7:15 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus.

Borough President Katz had the tough job of selecting appointees for 14 Community Boards across Queens. All Queens Community Board members are appointed by the Borough President, pursuant to the City Charter, with half of her appointees nominated by the City Councilmembers who represent the districts within each Community Board. All Community Board appointees interested in continuing to serve are required to re-apply at the conclusion of each of their two-year terms.

Katz made a concerted effort to balance both experience and new voices within the borough’s Community Boards. The Borough President has also sought to ensure that each City Council District included within a Community Board District is fairly represented on that Community Board. All Community Board Districts in Queens are made up of more than one City Council District, and Borough President Katz has steadily moved toward making Community Boards more representative of all the City Council Districts within their boundaries.

Community Boards play an important advisory role in considering land use and zoning matters, and also contribute to the dialogue about the city budget, municipal service delivery and many other matters that impact their communities. Despite the important role Community Boards play in city government, Community Board members are not compensated for their service.