Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and several beholders made the tough choice of selecting 30 photos out of nearly a thousand entries in The Rockaway Times Photo Contest. 

The public was invited to view and choose favorites at Whit’s End on Sunday, April 29 before judges, Portia Dyrenforth, Phil Goldfeder, John Cori, Heidi Woolever, David Selig, and Casey Brouder made their selections.

The photos came in by email (and some people did not include their names so we’re still tracking them down) and we will have a full list in next week’s Rockaway Times. The selected photos will all be candidates for the Grand Prize of $500 and each will be blown up to poster-size and will be put on display on the boardwalk, the ferry landing, or at the Broad Channel library.

It is expected the photos will be on display starting Memorial Day weekend, just a few weeks ahead.

The 2018 contest consisted of different categories including Beach Life, Rockaway Action Shots, The Ferry, Jamaica Bay, and Pets. Some categories had more entries than others making the competition in some particularly tough.

Although a Top 30 was selected, an additional six will be chosen to be on display as well. 

Those will be announced closer Memorial Day weekend.

John Cori is responsible for most of the considerable effort that goes into the popular contest. Co-sponsors who make the contest a real Rockaway happening include the NYC Parks Department, the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, the NYC Ferry, and The Rockaway Artists Alliance.

Only some of the photo finalists are pictured here. Look out for all of the entries in The Rockaway Times in the coming weeks.

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