Full Fun


Full Fun

Dear Enchantress,

I was watching one of your videos on Facebook where you spoke about having “full fun.” I am too shy to have full fun, and I'm not really sure I have ever had full fun, but I love the idea of it. How can I, as a shy young woman, let myself be more adventurous to have fun! I know it may sound crazy, but I love dancing, and even when I think about dancing around other people, I get shy just thinking about it. I stand by and watch others dancing around and laughing, and I stand back. I'm not a heavy drinker, but I see I feel more comfortable after I've had more drinks. I think it's ok, but I know I'm using it as a way to avoid feeling uncomfortable.


Ms. Awkward and Shy


Dear Ms. Awkward and Shy,

You are not alone. Also you are so BRAVE! Wanting to have fun without alcohol is a courageous move. I am not against alcohol as a celebration, but as an escape, it's no bueno (no good). SO! Welcome to the enchanted awkward side of life. I have many awkward moments, and even though not many people believe me, it's true, and it takes practice and training to get comfortable with all the feelings, and moments that come up with FULL FUN. Full fun is confronting to others, the bigness and the playfulness of an adult (a sober adult), which can make them look at their own habits. I bring this up because if someone takes a risk to have full fun, you will be faced with judgement and "looks" from others. The strength to ignore the looks, judgements and assessments from others needs support. It's trust muscle that you build. Trusting yourself to be full anything needs time and energy spent in practicing it.

So practice and BE NICE TO YOURSELF, get support. Take yourself to a class aligned with fun. I always like a dance class, I say go to a women's dance class, because this is a situation that women are most familiar with. Take baby steps and be full fun with yourself at home or with a friend. Get your body knowing what it FEELS like to be full fun. Put on your favorite songs from when you were carefree and it was easy to play. Old school Madonna always works for me.

You are invited to my Beginner Burlesque class on June 7. My intention is: creating a playground space for women to feel and explore their full self of expression. Taking tiny risks may also look like speaking up and asking for what you want, in places where you would otherwise settle. Join the Awkward Enchanted Coven on Facebook, for women just like you!

Enchantress Shane coaches and guides women wanting more magic, passion and confidence in their lives.  Check her out at www.enchantedembodiment.com

Also you can attend Beginner Burlesque in Rockaway at The Castle on Beach 117th Street.