A Eulogy from Beefchip


On behalf of Rockaway Beach, I want to give thanks to everyone for being here for us at this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers have certainly gone unanswered by the Powers that be, and this abrupt and untimely fate is the end result. Beach 91st through Beach 102nd lived one hell of a life. From Bungalow Town to Playland, from Green Hot Dogs to Rockaway Taco, from Donna to Sandy, she has been through it all. Which is what makes her loss that much more difficult. She has earned her rightful place in Poseidon’s Kingdom. A reluctant survivor, she humbly rose to the occasion even though the odds were stacked against her.

At the end of her life, with little to no care from those that made the decisions on her behalf, she was neglected, even abandoned. For those of us she leaves behind, businesses, lifelong community members, fellow beaches, DFDs, we can only take solace amongst our shared memories as we weep in our endless sorrow.

She gracefully gave of herself, providing endless life to those that have invested everything in her. She was the glue that kept us together. I would be remiss if I didn’t say this is going to have a devastating impact on the residents and business owners of this town.

Eternal Rest Grant unto Beach 91st through Beach 102nd, and let perpetual light shine Upon Her. May She Rest In Peace, at least until the Resurrection four to ten years from now.

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