Online Selling


I am sure we all remember Tupperware. It was a great product that was launched in 1946. It was a new product and it did not initially sell well in retail stores because people did not know what it was for and how you use it. Hence, the Tupperware parties started. I remember my mom attending parties and we eagerly awaited our new items. The parties were also a social gathering where women got together.

Now fast forward to the 2000s. People started having new types of parties. The two most common ones were Lia Sophia and Stella Dot. Another party I attended a few times was the Pampered Chef parties which had unique kitchenware. At the last Pampered Chef party I attended, I could not buy anything because I had everything! The thing that was good about these parties was, again, the socialization. The host provided some appetizers and some drinks. (Except in Indiana when I walked to a jewelry party so as not to drink and drive and there was lemonade and Coca Cola). I still love a good jewelry party and most recently attended a fabulous one with our local, Megan Rochelle from Trends by Meg.

The new thing I do not understand, sorry ladies, is the online sale. You want me to purchase leggings, makeup, face cream, nail supplies, candles, etc., without getting some drinks and appetizers? And it is 2018, if this product is so great why is it not available at a retail outlet? One new thing people are selling online is something similar to Lee Press on Nails. The sales pitch is not having to go to the nail salon anymore. I love the nail salon. Again, at the nail salon I usually run into people I know, so there is socialization. I also catch up on reading and I RELAX. I truly enjoy my weekly manicures and pedicures, especially my massages. I also do not want to buy the makeup as I buy my makeup at Duane Reade or Rite Aid. I usually wait until the buy-one get-one sale and I cash in. I do not want to spend $38 on mascara which is the price one online company sells for. Another company sells a lash booster for $150.

I also hate when these people selling their wares ask you to shop small business days because they are the seller and they are a small business. However, these companies are multi-million and billion-dollar companies. They are not small businesses.

So, please stop asking me to buy whatever it is you are selling online. I do not want to or need it. And if you really want me to buy something, invite me to your house and give me some drinks and appetizers.

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Have a great week everyone!