Rockaway Little League Recap By Alison Kase


With the seemingly unrelenting rain bringing bad weather conditions in the previous week, Memorial Day weekend and the week leading up to it offered plenty of time for make-up games for Rockaway Little League. We’re hopeful for brighter skies ahead as we head into the second half of our season.

We start this report with action at the Pee Wee Senior Division. In Monday’s game, the Zwerling Ophthalmology Orioles won over the Pee Wee Senior ABLE Discovery Center for Children’s Diamondbacks by a score of 11-5. On Wednesday, the Breezy Point Lumber Cardinals went on to outscore the Zwerling Ophthalmology Orioles in a 6-0 final score. Thursday’s game saw the A.O.H. Division 21 Athletics over the AKB Security Rockies in the Rockies in a game-ending score of 9-3. Breezy Point Lumber Cardinals came back for a second game this week, winning over Walsh Management Angels in a score of 7-0. Two other games finished out PeeWee Senior games, the first, ending in a 9-9 tie. The A.O.H. Division 21 Athletics played the ABLE Discovery Center for Children Diamondbacks, and then later we witnessed Rockaway Midshipmen Fearless Z Blue Jays cheer for their win over the Servpro of Northwest Brooklyn Pirates (12-0 Blue Jays). Also worth mentioning, the Breezy Point Lumber PWS Cardinals are enjoying the best record of the Pee Wee Division, winning eight games with only two losses so far this season.

In the older division, Minor Boys, the Storage Fox Diamondbacks won their game over the Allstate Rockaway Park Dodgers in a score of 7-5. What a great contest that was to witness! Thursday gave us another tie, (7-7) between the Belle Harbor Yacht Club Rockies and the Storage Fox Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks came back again on Saturday to win their game over the Walsh Management Angels (7-6) Diamondbacks. For our late Saturday Minor Boys game, the Allstate Rockaway Park Dodgers won over the Class Act Photo Orioles in a 9-5 win.

In RLL’s oldest division, the Major Boys, the midweek game held on Wednesday featured the Curran's Meats Cubs versus the Delmar Pizza Reds, with the Reds winning it in a final score of 9-4. On Saturday, the L. Mahoney Real Estate Rockies took on the still undefeated Denis S. O'Connor Inc. Giants, but due to time constraints, the game ended in a 10-10 tie.

In the Minor Girls’ Division, the RLL’s younger girls’ softball division, weekend games picked up on Thursday evening with the Elegante Rest/Pizzeria Firebirds taking on the Walsh Properties Eagles, with the Eagles winning by a 13-8 score. Saturday play kicked off with the Rockaway WISH. Clippers against the Laquila Group Hornets, with the Hornets winning 9-6. Finishing up Minor Girls’ weekend play, the Walsh Properties Eagles came off their Thursday win to win once more against the Elegante Rest/Pizzeria Firebirds, this time, 13-10.

In RLL’s elder girls’ division, the Major Girls’ Graybeards’ Blazers won against the Knights of Columbus 2672 Wildcats with a score of 13-7 on Monday and the Bobcats finished off the schedule with Lana's Loft Bobcats winning 17-5 over the Lola Star Pioneers.

Note to parents: Team pictures are on the schedule beginning May 31, June 2 and 3. Please check your SI Play app for your team’s specifically scheduled photo time. Much care and attention has gone into the timing of picture days, so please make every effort to be ‘photo ready’ at your assigned slot. Lastly, RLL’s Annual All-Star Games will be played this Friday, June 1, here is the schedule: at 4 p.m. Minor Boys Game will take place on Field 3, Minor Girls - Field 4, at 6 p.m. Pee Wee Senior game will take place at Field 2, Major Boys - Field 3, and Major Girls - Field 4.

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