Recently I saw a video from the Today Show about a mom ranting about half-days at the end of the school year. I have never heard of her before but according to her website, she has been featured in many magazines including Reader’s Digest and US Weekly. She goes on and on about how the half days are so terrible. One reason, she states, is that if the kids did not have school she could sleep until noon. She goes on to complain about how difficult it is to get the children up in the morning and drive them to school.

I usually never comment on things such as this because I do not want to get into a Twitter fight with people I do not know, but I had to comment: “Don’t send them! It’s obvious schools need the days. This lady sounds like a lazy parent. ‘Why do we have to get up so early?’”

Now obviously, school districts do this to get the days in that they need to, which is required by the state law, and keeping the little ones at this time of year for a shorter day is beneficial, because both the students and teachers are DONE. Also, I believe at some schools, the teachers work on class lists for next year, supply lists and other clerical work.

And does this video blogger, Whoa Susannah, not remember how fun half days were as a child? I went to St. Francis de Sales during the glory years when we had a half day EVERY Wednesday. It was the best day of the week for us. We went for pizza after school, or if you were lucky, like my spoiled sister, you went to McDonald’s.

Also, those June half days were so fun in school. We watched movies, played games and had field days. The SFDS kids now have beach parties! How fun to go to the beach with your class. I know it is hard for moms who work, including myself, but we always worked it out with other moms and relatives. This blogger mom seems to not even work full-time since she is the mom driving the kids to school and saying she could sleep until noon if the kids did not have school.

So if you do not like the half days and the hours some kids go to school on the last day, here is my response: DO NOT SEND THEM! Don’t let them have fun with their friends and let them sleep until noon.

What do you think about half days? I would love to hear.

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