Meeks Passes Amendment to Expedite Beach Study


Last week, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks told The Rockaway Times that there was a meeting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to discuss bringing sand to the now-closed beaches from Beach 91st to Beach 102nd Streets. On Wednesday, June 6, Meeks showed that he’s staying on top of the issue by introducing and passing an amendment to the Water Resources Development Act that aims to expedite the Army Corps of Engineers Hurricane Sandy recovery study.

Though funding has already been appropriated for coastal protections, construction awaits the finalization of the already completed report. Expediting the process should allow construction to move ahead of schedule.

“While we continue to search for short-term solutions to address this summer’s closure, we must also work towards long-term solutions for protecting our coast from further erosion, and fast-track plans to safeguard our beaches. With my recently passed amendment, I have moved to expedite the approval process of the Army Corps of Engineers report, with the hope we can move forward with the construction of coastal protections. Should this bill become law, my amendment should allow our beaches to be made safe and operational as soon as possible, in time for next summer,” Meeks said.

“The residents and businesses affected by this closure cannot afford to wait another year for the Army Corps of Engineers to finalize their report. They require immediate action, and that is what this amendment provides,” he added.