Member Feature: Life Eclectic Apparel


Life Eclectic Apparel is a clothing and accessories company established in 2016 in Rockaway Beach by Liz Speer. They have three main product categories:

  • Men’s and women’s graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts, with hand-painted Rockaway Beach designs, which are screen printed one at a time in Rockaway, by the way. And the popular sunset photo T-shirt that features a photo taken here in Rockaway Beach in the letters.
  • Handmade beachwear designed and sewn in Rockaway. Many prints/ patterns on garments and accessories were also hand-painted then put into a repeat pattern.
  • Vintage Revived Denim jackets with hand-weavings. Speer hand-weaves the fabric that is up-cycled from the waste from the garment industry in Manhattan.

Life Eclectic Apparel also makes a few items from recycled potato chip and candy wrappers.

“I love having a clothing line in Rockaway,” Speer says. “The sense of community here is amazing! People are really rooting for you to do well and taking a personal interest in our products. For example, customers love when I explain how one of my T-shirt designs is based from my painting of a water chestnut (the kind that wash up on the beach). It’s great to know people care about the thought and details that go into everything. Another reason I love having a business in Rockaway is because it’s oozing with inspiration. Everything is inspired from life on the peninsula and almost everything is made here in Rockaway. I design prints and textile patterns from shells I find on the beach, patterns in the sand, and flowers in Rockaway.”

The eclectic array of product types and the hand creation of each item from conception to finalized product make Life Eclectic unique.

We also think the fact that one person does the designs, screen prints, sews the garments, chooses the fabrics, weaves and plans for the business, creates a distinct unique line.

Everyone knows that Rockaway is a summer destination, which means the other three seasons can be a little slow. The challenge is finding products that fill a need for locals that live here year-round. We also have great resources here such as the Rockaway Business Alliance and Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach, that uplift the local businesses and provide a support system.

We are very happy to have our products carried in The Blue Bungalow and Boarders since the beginning! We have been looking into expansion but ever-rising rent prices pose another challenge for doing business in Rockaway. So expansion may take place in another form. Stay tuned and visit for more info.

This article was submitted by the Rockaway Business Alliance from Liz Speer. For more information, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.