Library Exhibit Explores the Ocean’s Secrets


Was that the Titanic floating in front of Peninsula Library on Saturday? Nope. The large inflatable boat was a replica of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) Resolution, a research trip that takes scientists around the world, to explore our oceans. The inflatable boat, full of informational kiosks about the findings inside, is part of Queens Library’s “In Search of Earth’s Secrets: A Pop-Up Science Encounter.”

This program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, highlights the work of the JOIDES Resolution to excite visitors about the process of scientific exploration and discovery. The ship was first launched in 1978 as an oil vessel and converted for scientific use in 1984. The boat is now stationed in New Zealand, but it has made its way around the world, drilling the ocean floor to see what it can tell us about climate change, the seabed’s geology, the deep sea causes of earthquakes and tsunamis and other secrets of the Earth.

While the JOIDES replica was taken down Saturday evening, the informational kiosks that were inside, will remain at Rockaway’s libraries, including Peninsula Branch at Beach 94th Street, Arverne at 312 Beach 54th Street, Far Rockaway at 1637 Central Avenue, and Queens Library for Teens at 2002 Cornaga Avenue, all summer long.

“The JOIDES Resolution research vessel is part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). This program is perhaps the most successful international science program the world has ever seen, and it has literally written the book when it comes to climatic and oceanic changes for the past 100 million years (since the time of the dinosaurs),” Dr. Stephen Pekar of Queens College said. “I am thrilled to be able to share how amazing IODP is at this event as I grew up in the Rockaways and have always loved the beauty of this peninsula.”