Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Sarcasm is banned in North Korea.
  • A person with Misophonia finds everything and everyone annoying.
  • The shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby was the first live murder ever witnessed on live TV.
  • In 2004, scientists discovered the largest diamond ever. The massive jewel is the remnant of a collapsed star measuring a whopping 4,000 km across, with a core composed of 10 billion trillion carats.
  • In space, if two pieces of metal come into contact with each other, they're effectively stuck that way. This is due to the vacuum of space. Fortunately, metal sent into space from Earth has a thin layer of oxidization that prevents this from happening so the risk is negligible.
  • Scientists have calculated that the moon moves about 3.8 cm further from the Earth a year. This could be due to the Earth's spin slowing by .002 seconds a day for the past century.
  • George Lucas missed the 1977 premiere of Star Wars because he was on vacation in Hawaii with Steven Spielberg.
  • Sylvester Stallone auditioned for the role of Han Solo.
  • As popular as he became, Darth Vader only had 12 minutes of screen time in the first Star Wars film.
  • Yoda was almost played by a monkey. The team thought it might be easier to train a monkey, dress him up, and then animate his lips in post-production.


                Facts from Sean McVeigh, factologist.