A Train Back in Time


The old light bulbs flickered in and out as the old 1930s R1/9 vintage train slowly made it way out of the New York Transit Museum’s (NYTM) Court Street on Saturday, August 4, for the NYTM’s Nostalgia Ride to the Rockaways. As fans spun on the ceilings of the old train cars, attempting to cool down passengers on the hot summer day, jazz band Cait and the Critters played some swing tunes in the caboose. Some passengers chose to dress the part for the occasion, while others donned their beachwear to spend the day in Rockaway after being transported by a piece of history.

For those who missed it, you can check out the old R1/9 train cars, old Rockaway advertisements and much more at the NYTM at 99 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn. Check out www.nytransitmuseum.org for more information about future Nostalgia Rides.

Photos by Katie McFadden.


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