Diving Into Finance with the FINancial Sharktress


Sharks are not just the apex predators of the ocean. They’re fierce, go-getters that seize beneficial opportunities. So it’s no wonder Rockaway Beach resident, Galit Tsadik, was inspired by them to embrace her inner shark and start her own financial management business, Tsadik G Management. When dealing with personal or commercial finances, it’s easy to drown in the deep waters of money management. However, Tsadik, aka the FINancial Sharktress, is here to help others find their own inner shark, take a bite out of debt and have a fin up on finances without fear.

With her love for all things ocean, especially sharks, as a child, Tsadik had dreams of someday working as a marine biologist. However, she found herself floating above another subject—math. So she went on to pursue her specialty, earning a double bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology at Queens College. She then furthered her expertise by becoming a Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter, a Certified Commercial Underwriter and a Certified Financial Instructor.

In 2015, Tsadik made a shark move by starting her own business, Tsadik G Management. After operating out of Manhattan and then Rockville Center, she decided to bring her financial knowledge right to her own backyard. In November 2017, she opened her Beach 116th Street office. When it comes to managing money, Tsadik does it all. “With my business, I turn overwhelmed entrepreneurs and businesses into badass sharks with their money. For businesses I do management consulting, outsource, CFO services, bookkeeping, basically anything in a business that has to do with money, I take care of,” Tsadik said. However, she has also broadened her services to individuals that also seek help, by offering financial coaching. “I help people by changing their relationship with money so they can feel empowered and confident and can seize opportunities when they see them,” she said.

For Tsadik, working for herself was personal example of seizing an opportunity. Tsadik’s experience in the finance world goes back a decade. She started her career by working with commercial mortgages as a mortgage underwriter and went on to work for Morgan Stanley doing mortgage compliance, but the work wasn’t inspiring. “I wanted to be able to work with businesses. I’ve been working since I’m 14 and in all my jobs, I had this tendency to go in and immediately try to improve things and make their systems better, so I really wanted to utilize those skills. I thought the best opportunity was to work for a tech startup,” Tsadik said. So she did by joining a tech startup in Manhattan that had no finance department when they started. “I was able to create everything for them and I really loved it, but I decided that I wanted to do this for lots of businesses instead of just one,” she said.

After dealing with the corporate world, Tsadik decided that to do what she truly wanted, the best course of action was to do it herself. “I found that nobody will value you more than you value yourself. I was getting a lot of pushback when I asked people to pay me what I was worth and I realized the only way I’d make the money I deserved from putting in all the work that I did, was to work for myself. If I was a man coming into finance, I wouldn’t have gotten as much pushback and I didn’t want to feel resentful at the end of the day because I was putting in so much work and not making that much money. I decided to embody the shark and say, this is who I am,” she said. Tsadik made the decision to be her own boss, and became the founder and CEO of her own business that helps multiple businesses.

However, recently, Tsadik decided to dive into the waters of personal finance as well. “I had people coming up to me and saying ‘I love what you’re doing for businesses, can you help me?’” she said. The drive to help individuals also came from personal struggles. “I grew up in an abusive household, where my mother gave over her power by giving my father all of her money, even though she was the breadwinner. I saw how hard it was for her to leave a really toxic situation. For a long time, she didn’t think she could do it on her own and control her own money. When she finally left, I saw how much her life changed for the better. I want to be able to give that to other people. We ran away to a domestic violence shelter and saw so many women that had been through the same thing. On some level, having your own money is having your own power and that was a way for these women to be controlled. I don’t want anyone to stay in a toxic situation, whether it’s a toxic work environment or relationship, because they don’t have the money or power to get out of it. I want people to understand that they can do it on their own,” she said.

With her financial coaching side of the business, Tsadik took on the name of the FINancial Sharktress and incorporated the ocean and well, sharks, into everything she does, from having her office decked out in shark gear, to giving shark-shaped pens to her clients. “In 2014, I went to St. Maarten and swam with Caribbean reef sharks and it was the most exhilarating experience. They’ve been this spirit animal for me and I think it’s perfect for the business to not think about sharks in a predatory way, much like finances. Sharks are these elegant, beautiful creatures that take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of them,” Tsadik said. “Also, it brings this fun aspect to money that you don’t get elsewhere. I’ll help you create a blissfully beachy budget, with your foundation, your waves of variable expenses and your fun in the sun money. It makes people want to do it. The key to money is you have to want to pay attention to it, and if you’re afraid of it and it’s not fun, you’re not going to want to manage it and grow. Plus the whole beach and shark theme fits well with Rockaway.”

Tsadik also fits well with Rockaway. In addition to owning her own business, Tsadik is a shark when it comes to community support. She serves as the secretary of the Rockaway Business Alliance, treasurer of Ladies of Business of Rockaway Beach and director of finance for ARF-ARF, which oversees the Rockaway dog park. “It’s important to me to give back to the community since the community has supported me,” Tsadik said.

Tsadik encourages anyone seeking financial help to contact her. “If someone feels like they’re swimming in dangerous waters when it comes to their finances, come talk to me. I’m here, I’ll work with you and I really want to give people a support system that helps them grow,” she said.

Tsadik G Management is located at 177 Beach 116th Street, Suite 3. Tsadik can be reached at 347-619-2996 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also check out her website, www.CountonTGM.com. In addition to her business, Tsadik aims to help people by offering free financial tips through the Facebook group: “Righteous Revenue Fishbowl.” You can also follow her business Facebook pages at FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik and Tsadik G Management.