24 Hours On a Trampoline


Twenty-four hours on a trampoline? Sounds exhausting. But for these local girls, it was more like a unique, fun time spent with friends.

Starting on Monday, August 27, Carly Intrabartolo, 11, Daisy O’Grady, 12, Ava Powell, 12, and Abby Urciuoli, 12, spent 24 hours on a backyard trampoline, with only breaks to use the bathroom indoors. However they didn’t spend the entire time jumping. Their 24-hour challenge on the trampoline included card games, Ciro’s pizza for lunch, Kam Fung Chinese for dinner, ice cream, occasional visits from their “mascot,” Brooke Intrabartolo, and of course, sleep.

This was the second year the girls completed this challenge. After being told that they couldn’t have a regular sleepover, the girls proposed their own social media challenge in which they stay on a trampoline for 24 hours. Not thinking they’d be able to complete it, their parents agreed. And this year they did it all again, while posting updates to social media apps like Snapchat, so their friends could cheer them on. Word is they’re already planning next year’s challenge!

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