3rd Grade Girls SFDS Blue (Team M) Game Recap


The third-grade girls St. Francis de Sales (SFDS) Blue (Team M) was at it once again this past Saturday with a stunning win against Blessed Trinity.

Our friends from Breezy packed a one-two punch with two goals scored within the first 16 minutes of play by the extremely talented Taylor Sorrentino. But this initial advantage did not stop the girls in Blue though! Their defense was led by Emma Minson, Caroline Murphy, Chloe Gallo, Emma Watters, Beatriz Lahoz, Taylor Keily, Kelsi McMahon and Paula Zuzic, all of whom continually stopped Trinity’s advances, pushing the ball back into their territory! The goalies for SFDS Blue, Charlotte Moriarty, Mairead Fitzgerald, Caroline Murphy, Elle Manley, Chloe Gallo, and Mary Shaw thwarted any other advances from the skilled girls in Green! The game was certainly a nail- biter with both sides holding the 2-0 score well past half-time with Trinity’s goalies, Samantha Gaudioso and Alison Valdemira stopping every shot from SFDS.

The second half of the game saw an explosion of force from SFDS Blue with the offensive line working in tandem with the midfield to advance on Blessed Trinity. The mids, led by Brielle Heeran, Elle Manley, Mychaela Hagerty, Chloe Gallo, Charlotte Moriarty, Caroline Murphy, Mairead Fitzgerald, and Mary Shaw, continuously drove the ball up the field to their offensive line, which converted crucial passes into much-needed goals for SFDS Blue.

The first goal came from a pass from Ashlee Ferriola to Kiera Henry, putting the girls on the board! The second goal coming minutes later from Addison Heeran, who demonstrated expert-like footwork, dodging Trinity’s amazing defense. The momentum was contagious and too much to stop with Gabby Casares, Caroline Casares and Cate Urcioli continually threatening Trinity’s defense with their drives. The final blow to Trinity’s lead came from Ashlee Ferriola’s breakaway that she converted into the game-winning goal! The girls in blue really demonstrated their tenacity and drive as well as teamwork! It is always so much fun watching these girls play! Go SFDS Blue!