Channel View Remembers Lamine Sarr


Monday, September 24 was a day of mourning and celebration at Channel View School for Research (CVSR) as fellow students honored the life of Lamine Sarr, who drowned in Rockaway Beach, on September 15. The CVSR community invited Sarr’s family to a ceremony to remember the late CVSR senior with music and dance performances, photo slideshows and stories about the local teen that will be missed by many.

On Monday, students from CVSR, plus some classes from the other schools of the Beach Channel Educational Campus, gathered in the auditorium for an assembly to remember Sarr. They were also joined by special guests—Sarr’s family.

CVSR Principal Denise Harper-Richardson led the ceremony with some opening words about Sarr, saying he was “an accomplished musician who played percussion, an honor student and he had a great sense of humor. He will be greatly missed.” A moment of silence was then held, followed by the auditorium reciting CVSR’s “15 words to live by,” which many say Sarr exemplified in his short life. Students then used their own words to describe Sarr, such as “motivated, uplifting, wild, funny and special.”

Student Devaughn Jackson then dedicated a song to Sarr as a slideshow featuring photos and videos of a smiling Sarr, flashed on a screen on stage. Seeing images of the son, brother, nephew and cousin proved to be too much for Sarr’s family as some broke out in tears, while others excused themselves from the auditorium.

Student Shamar Williams shared a story of a project that he worked on with Sarr and reminded those in attendance that, “If he were here, he would want us to keep our heads up and be strong.”

As Sarr’s family and fellow students tried to remain strong, the CVSR choir, to music played by the Rockaway Park High School band, sang emotional songs, “Time Adventure” from the cartoon, Adventure Time, and Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.”

The songs were followed by fellow students who shared poems and stories of Sarr. Many fought through tears as they reflected on the memories they shared with him.

The CVSR Concert Band stood in front of the auditorium, as one of its members was notably missing. However, a photo of Sarr remained in his place as the band leader explained Sarr’s time with the band. When Sarr joined in freshman year, he was first given the job of pushing around the cart for the bass player, yet he earned to do more. Eventually Sarr worked his way up to playing the bass drum, to the wood blocks, to the triangle and the cymbal, and was a vital part of the percussion section for the band. Last year, the band was invited to participate in the Six Flags Music Competition and the band, including Sarr, won second place in the high school division. At the front of the room stood a photo of Sarr holding up the trophy that the band took home. “Lamine will truly be missed. All the band members love him and will miss him,” the bandleader said before the band dedicated two songs to Sarr, and the ceremony ended with a special dance performance by the D.R.E.A.M. Chasers Dance Team.

There’s no doubt that Sarr will truly be missed by his family, the CVSR community and Rockaway.