BC Shamrocks Pee Wee Team Devours and Conquers


After three straight games, the Broad Channel Shamrocks Pewee Football squad were on the losing end with a score chart of nil, but this past Sunday, September 30, they came out like killer bees and swarmed their opponent, the North Babylon Bulldogs, crushing them with two touchdowns, plus an extra point.

Volunteer Head Coach Keith Mattone, a Breezy Point resident and high school football coach in Brooklyn, said their playbook was about stepping up the defense, and working together to make sure the Bulldogs never had a chance to get to the half line.

“Our offensive line block was a lot better this week, plus the defense came out aggressively. Overall, this is a young team with not a lot of experience, but they are gelling together determinedly and working on getting better. This game definitely reflected that,” Mattone said.

According to Assistant Defense Coach Edwin Williams, an Arverne resident and father to two boys playing with the Shamrocks, these six- to seven-year-olds were in enemy territory at the Bulldogs’ home field, but stood the course, and despite their challenging beginnings in the season with the Nassau Suffolk Football League, gave it their all, coming out the victor milking the honey.

“We call our kids the ‘Killer Bees,’ because they work as a team, and hard. They went into a hostile territory, but kept focused and determined throughout all the practices, preparing themselves for the ultimate showdown. Our defense stepped up their game, stopping the Bulldogs in their tracks at every turn. We beat them 13-6, and scored two touchdowns. These kids were amazing. The defensive line gave us excellent field positions by stopping the Bulldogs, which enabled our offensive line to score. Head coach Steve Mattone, really had it down to a science, and these kids followed solemnly, determined to keep the Bulldogs at bay,” Williams said.

Justin Lobianco scored the first touchdown, and Patty Palisi had big runs, putting the offense in scoring range. The Shamrocks’ killer bee defense was led by Gary Patrylo with a whopping eight solo tackles. Quarterback Cameron Mattone had a 45-yard touchdown range, plus a one-point conversion. Huey Courtney had eight rushes, capping a four-play, 88-yard drive.

One of the players, Christian Williams, who unfortunately had to stay on the sidelines because he was ill, said though he wishes he was part of the victory, he’s so proud of his team. “I’m so proud of my teammates. They worked hard, and I felt like I was on the field in spirit, cheering them on. Bzzzz! The Shamrocks killer bees had everyone buzzing!” Christian said.

Coach Mattone, who is beyond stoked, said besides his dedicated team, he is also thankful for the parents, who also stood the course. “I’m especially grateful for all of the parents, who make sure these kids get to all the practices during the week. Without consistent practice, victories like this would not even happen, much less be possible.”

Go Pee Wee Shamrocks! You rock!