BC Pee Wees See the Jets for Being Good Sports


The Broad Channel Shamrocks Pee Wee Division may have fell one game short of the Super Bowl, but they still had a great season that was both rewarding and worthy of reward. And that reward was to see the big guys play in the NFL at a recent NY Jets game.

According to defensive coach, Edwin Williams, “Early in the season when we had a losing streak and I saw these sad young faces, I had a chat with them. I told them if they play hard and give me 100 percent, win lose or draw, Coach Keith Matone and I will take them to an NFL game. The "killer bees" kept their promise and I kept mine. We went to see the NY Jets vs. the Houston Texans and had a great time. I would like to thank Gerry Romski of Benjamin Beechwood and Congressman Gregory Meeks for making this possible.”