New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them and many break them. I asked my husband for his New Year’s resolution to be to stop using the word “we” when he refers to asking me to do something. He always says, “You know what ‘we’ should do?” It is not something he would ever do; it is something he wants me to do for him. He told me that he is not going to stop using that term and I should worry about my own resolutions. Of course, mine is the same every year: to go to the gym more and to eat healthier.

Some people on social media are leaving Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a “break.” They are going to do something more worthwhile with their time and I applaud that. One person took a picture of a television and stated that he was going to stop watching television for a bit. That is something I could never do.

First of all, television is educational. I learn many things from television. Not just from documentaries or news programs like “60 Minutes” or “CBS Sunday Morning.” I enjoy my Saturday morning “Wild Countdown with Jack Hanna” and love learning about different animals from around the world. I also have learned many interesting things that could save me from dangerous situations from all of the “Law and Order” shows. When the internet was new, I learned not to give out personal information over email and also became aware of how pedophiles use the internet and I was able to monitor my children. After recently watching the Netflix series “You” I changed all of my settings and passwords.

However, there is a guilty pleasure aspect of television. I am not going to lie. I watch some television that is considered a guilty pleasure. Over the years, I have watched some of the Real Housewives shows, and many hours of “Below Deck,” (which could be deemed as educational due to the various geographical locations the yacht sails out of each season.) I dare you to sit down and see an episode of “Below Deck” on a marathon and change the channel. I bet you will not. You will lose hours of your life.

Currently on my DVR is six hours of “Surviving R. Kelly” and I cannot wait to watch it. I am waiting for a block of time where I can binge watch and also for some friends to watch with me, because watching that alone would not be any fun. It needs to be commentated.

So, to everyone out there: good luck with whatever resolution you have made. I hope you are all successful in your endeavors. 

Have a great week. I would love to hear your resolutions and guilty pleasures. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..