A Good Deed Restores Faith


Faith in humanity, restored. On Tuesday, February 5, Margaret O’Connor Gallagher and her husband, Donald Gallagher, were taking advantage of the warm weather by going for a stroll on the boardwalk. However, Margaret later realized that at some point, she had dropped her wallet. Luckily for her, it fell into the right hands.

Margaret’s husband, Donald Gallagher, posted to the Friends of Rockaway Beach Facebook group, asking for people to keep a lookout for the wallet somewhere along the boardwalk. Later in the morning, Margaret and her husband were going to sit on the boardwalk near their home when a young woman approached with a wallet that looked like Margaret’s. “We saw her walking towards us with it on her wrist. Margaret saw the girl and said to me, ‘Mine looked just like hers,’ and I said, ‘You sure it’s not yours?’ and she said, ‘No,’ but then realized it was,” Donald Gallagher said.

The young woman named Jasmine was also enjoying a stroll on the boardwalk that morning when she came across the wallet on a boardwalk bench on Beach 38th Street. She looked at Margaret’s driver’s license and noticed that her July birthday was just one day before Margaret’s, so using the address on the license, Jasmine walked all the way from Beach 38th Street to 7600 Shore Front Parkway to deliver the wallet to her fellow Cancer sign friend. She seemingly recognized Margaret from her license photo. “I think that Jasmine knew it was Margaret’s, as she was staring at us,” Gallagher said.

Jasmine returned the Michael Kohrs wallet complete with all of its contents. “She was such a pleasant person. She was so happy to get the wallet back to Margaret,” Gallagher said. Gallagher gave her a reward for her good deed before asking for a photo, which he later posted to the Friends of Rockaway Beach Facebook group to share an update saying the wallet had been returned. “She was really an amazing young lady, so I think she should be recognized for her good deed,” Gallagher said. The updated post garnered plenty of attention and was met by many “Likes” and comments by fellow residents showing their appreciation for the good deed.