Artful Planning


Dear Enchantress,

I am a woman over 60. I just got out of a divorce from a narcissistic man. We were married for 30 years, and I was miserable. I didn’t know I was miserable for the first 15. I thought this is just the way it is...Then I realized because I began meeting other women who had more information on narcissism etc., I am finally a free woman, but I’m anxious all the time. It’s like my mind knows I’m free, but I don’t exactly know what to do with myself. My kids are grown, etc. My question to you is, I’ve always wished I could be an artist. Like a painter. I wish to paint the beach, and I don’t know what to do next. I’m embarrassed I’ll paint like a child, and even if I don’t show it to anyone, I have a fear that I’ll waste my time and money and energy, and be disappointed.


Dear Freedom Fanny,

Congratulations on taking your life back in your own hands. I totally understand why you would have a challenge to get started. It’s a brand new life, a brand new era, and you for the creating. If you know my work, you’ll know that self-expression and using creativity are the best ways through a transition. So, first I invite you to be nice to yourself. Think of a baby who is beginning to walk. He/she is clumsy and falling and wobbling all over the place. So, maybe when you take the first step, you don’t tell anyone, you do it with and for yourself, so that no one’s opinions get in your way.

Start slow, you can buy a canvas at Michaels Craft Store, or use paper you already have in the house. I also suggest before you buy anything, have some picture in your mind of what you want to buy. You said painting the beach, so think about the colors you want, and then either come up with how many colors you want or how much you will spend, so you stay focused. Going into the store can be overwhelming, because there is SO MUCH fun stuff!

Next, set yourself up for success. Put “painting” in your calendar, so you plan ahead to do it, as you would any appointment. Make it fun. Perhaps light a candle, put your favorite music on.

Lastly, start to surround yourself with other artists, so you don’t feel alone. You don’t have to share that you’re painting. Listen, be around them and ask questions! You’ll be surprised how much you will feel aligned and part of the artist crowd!  The RAA (Rockaway Artists Alliance) has a Wednesday painting class for $20 or $30, whether you’re a member or not. And as a fellow artist, I am hosting another art day at the Rockaway Brewing Co. on March 10. It’s free and we’ll be using paint and creating, so you’re welcome to join there too!

You are an artist! Affirm that, and take it at your pace, no rush to do anything, but begin!


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