Community House Property In Contract – Business Stays Open


Surprise Buyer

After numerous people on Facebook speculated about the Community House being sold, the owner Kelley Brooke said: “The building that Community House sits within is in contract. It’s purely a real estate transaction. The restaurant will remain.”

Brooke made the public comment to quell rumors and assure employees and those who have booked or are planning to book parties that the venue will remain open.

A picture of a postcard from a realtor enhanced the rumor run. The card, with various real estate listings, was mailed to some residents in the area. As is the custom with real estate ads, some listings are marked “in contract.” The property at 101-19 Rockaway Beach Boulevard was pictured with such a caption. It did not have any further information, so online speculation took off.

The property has been for sale for some time, but Brooke was exasperated by the online chatter because she did not want the bar/restaurant/catering business trying to operate under a cloud of conjecture.

The postcard was produced by The Cotrone Team of B6 Real Estate owned by Paul Massey, who co-founded the powerhouse real estate group, Massey Knakal, and for a brief time was a mayoral candidate. In papers filed with the City, Massey submitted a “sundry agreement,” which included his agreement to market 101-19 Rockaway Beach Boulevard and receive a commission of six  percent for doing so.

In this agreement, Massey identifies the Marcal Group as the buyer with a purchase price of $3.9 million. If the Marcal Group name rings a bell, it should. Marcal is redeveloping a good part of Beach 116th Street just off the boardwalk. The condos on the west side of Beach 116th will be completed this year. Townhomes on Beach 117th will follow. Marcal also bought the long-abandoned theater on the east side of the street and its adjacent parking lots.

Mark Caller, CEO of Marcal, confirmed the deal and added, “Yep. We like the Rockaways.” He did not elaborate about plans for the property especially since it is still just “in contract,” the one signed on February 25.

In the meantime, Kelley Brooke says, “Business as usual,” and the party(s) will go on.

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