Black Belts at World Champions Karate Center


Sunday, April 7, was a memorable day at the World Champions Karate Center.

Two Shodan (First-Degree black Belt), and a Nidan (Second-Degree Black Belt) were tested and promoted to their new ranks. The rigorous examination consisted of knowledge of Kata (forms) and Bunkai (the application of the techniques within the forms). This means the execution of various weapons forms and their application, a self-defense component and a teaching exhibition.

The three young men performed in sync, executing their Kata and weapons forms as a team. They will make a very formidable team anywhere there is competition. It was wonderful to witness such highly-polished Karate, and the spectators and parents were obviously impressed. At the same time, Yellow through Brown belt students were also being tested and were able to watch the Black Belts in action.

Juan (Nidan), Brandon and Jaydon (Shodan), have trained several years to attain this level.

They are honor students at their respective schools and participate in other sports as well as internships. Congratulations to the parents and the grandparents of the Karate-ka.

Visitors are welcome to see the successful program at the  World Champions Karate Center, located at 112-20 Beach Channel Drive.