Addabbo Sponsors 9/11 Remembrance Day


New legislation sponsored by State Senator Joe Addabbo, to create an annual September 11, 2001 day of remembrance and brief moment of silence in New York’s public schools took a positive step forward after being approved by the Senate Education Committee.

“It’s hard to imagine that almost 18 years have passed since the horrific 9-11 terrorist attacks that stole the lives of thousands of innocent people in New York that day and even today, as the illnesses and related deaths continue in the lingering aftermath of this devastating assault on our country,” Addabbo said. “While it may seem to many of us like the attacks only happened yesterday, it’s important to realize that the vast majority of the children in our schools today weren’t even born when this tragedy occurred.”

Addabbo believes an official observance of September 11th in New York’s public schools will help to ensure that the events of that day are never forgotten, and that the state’s young people are fully educated about the terrorist attacks. Under the legislation, a brief period of silence—which would not be of a religious nature—would be observed at the opening of the school day to encourage dialogue in the classroom about the history of 9-11 and how it affected New York City, New York State and the rest of the country.

Now that the Senate bill has been approved by the Senate Education Committee, it will be scheduled for a vote by the full Senate. In the Assembly, the legislation (A.1801) is under review by the Assembly Education Committee.