In The Garden


Are you enjoying your early spring garden? Soon your tulips and irises will fade, if they haven’t already, and you are ready for some new color. But first, take the time to tie your tulip foliage neatly using a large tulip leaf. These leaves provide nourishment for next year’s blooms. Your gardener won’t do that, he wants to plant new bulbs for you.

You’re ready for some colors. Geranuims for sun, impatiens for shade, some dusty miller, are Rockaway favorites.

But I suggest that you expand. Google, go to a plant center, walk down the aisles, ask questions. Try at least one new flower each year. Make it your own, learn about it, how it grows. Plant so there is always something in bloom. Don’t fertilize new plants, wait until they’re established.

Have you discovered the butterfly bush? Its nectar attracts butterflies and you wake up each morning to its sweet smell.

Oh, you have a dark corner, try some fern—but watch out, they multiply and will take over—don’t plant flowers with them.

Seeds, weeds, and more next week.