A Rail-y Great Effort


On May 4, Troop 147 Eagle Scout candidate Matthew Rosenhaus, his fellow Scouts, families and friends came together at Gateway National Recreation Area’s Jacob Riis Park to volunteer for Matthew’s Eagle Scout Service Project. Together, they worked to preserve all the ship’s rail along the boardwalk.

When asked why he chose this for his project, Matthew responded, “As a frequent visitor and now as a volunteer, I have noticed the wear and tear they take.” He added, “I just wanted to help get the place ready for the summer.”

As part of the Eagle Service Project, Matthew put together a committee to help organize the event. He created a GoFundMe page to pay for the necessary equipment and supplies, and was also able to obtain donations of additional supplies.

On the day of the event, and with more than 25 volunteers putting in over 150 hours, Matthew coordinated the different teams that handled the rails, handled the logistics, and the administrative functions. 

Even a brief rain shower didn’t deter this group from finishing. When the rain came, the group took a break, had some lunch and waited for the rain to stop. Some of the parents could be heard talking about it like a rain delay in baseball. “Once the rain stopped, we pulled the covers off and got back to it.” 

When asked how it went, Matthew said, “I think it went great. I’m so happy we got to finish from end to end. I really want to thank everyone who donated, everyone who helped me set this up, and most of all everyone who came out today to make this a success.”

Troop 147 is a traditional Scout Troop, sponsored by the Rockaway Artists Alliance, now in its fifth year.

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