Thanks, 4Ocean


189 pieces of plastic cutlery. 400 plastic cups. 626 Styrofoam pieces. 665 plastic bottle caps. 1,040 plastic straws. 1,345 plastic bottles. 3,119 plastic bags. 4,695 cigarette butts. These are just some of the things found on Rockaway Beach on Sunday, June 9, when nearly 2,000 volunteers joined 4ocean for a mass cleanup effort in recognition of World Oceans Day.

The blue-shirt volunteers took to the sand, the dunes, and even the grass areas surrounding the boardwalk, with burlap sacks in hand, to pick up whatever trash they could find, and left Rockaway looking much cleaner, and our ocean protected from some of the trash that could potentially enter it. They also raised awareness of their efforts to inspire other beachgoers so that perhaps, one day, a mass beach cleanup will no longer be necessary.

4ocean ( is a sustainability brand started by two young surfers, Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, with a vision of cleaning the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time. Their global cleanups are funded entirely through the sale of sustainability products, such as bracelets made from recycled materials, where every item purchased funds the removal of at least one pound of trash from the ocean.