Release Your Work Week Stress with Friday Feels at Sunset


Do you find yourself repeatedly saying, “I’m stressed out, burned out and need a break; even if it’s just one evening to unwind and do something positive for myself.” Well, starting this Friday at 7 p.m., two wellness ladies are hosting Friday Feels, where you can release stress and jumpstart your bodies with some physical fitness. Now, before you start bemoaning your lack of time or resources to commit, each event is just 90 minutes and with the cost of a mere $20, according to event co-organizers—you’ll get to be in your happy place—the beach.

Fridays Feels is the brainchild of Colette Ellis and Shayla McGrady. Ellis is a women’s health advocate, author, certified stress management coach and practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping). She created Start Within Coaching to help women find their true sense of worth and learn the best practices for a healthy, balanced life. Her book, Focus on Your Vision, helps readers prioritize their needs and better optimize their work-life equilibrium. As host of the Start Within Podcast, she breaks down barriers to wellbeing for women of color with thought-provoking conversations on topics such as mindfulness, resilience and self-care.

McGrady is a certified exercise and group fitness instructor and wellness life coach, who after experiencing career burnout, took a leap of faith and resigned from her full-time career as a higher education administrative official, to start her own wellness business.

Ellis and McGrady said the idea for Friday Feels was born after they met at a Ladies of Rockaway Beach Business meeting in May. “We both are so passionate and excited about helping others on their journey to better physical and mental health and wellness, and wanted to collaborate on something that could help others survive wellness blockers we were both familiar with—stress and burnout,” McGrady said.

According to a recent Gallup poll, about eight in 10 Americans say they encounter stress in their daily lives with 41% saying that they lack the time they need to do things they want. And here’s more disheartening news. Stress is a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death — heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents. However, according to Ellis, there is hope. “Being proactive about ways you can take care of yourself both physically and mentally is a highway to finally releasing stress and tension, and we believe committing yourself to one Friday evening at Friday Feels is a start,” she said.

The event will kickoff with a welcome/introduction by McGrady and Ellis. Attendees will then be invited to state their intentions. McGrady will lead a Sweating to Release the Feel with a moderate exercise workout with adaptations for each attendee based on their ability. Next, Ellis will practice a Tapping to Release the Feels with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. (EFT is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress, where tapping the body is employed to create a balance in your energy system and effectively resolve a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, addiction, weight control, and limiting beliefs, just to name a few). Then the evening will end at sunset, with McGrady leading attendees in mindfulness meditation.

Both McGrady and Ellis believe that another important component of releasing stress and burnout is social interaction. “At Friday Feels, attendees will get to meet and maybe even form bonds with others on similar journeys in pursuing a life of positive physical and mental health,” McGrady said. “Plus, what better place to socialize than on the tranquil setting of the beach.”

Also, another way McGrady and Ellis hope to build positive health is through supporting the local business community. “We’ve already reached out to local eateries and bars to see how we could support each other. After Friday Feels, attendees will be directed to these businesses, and in exchange, these businesses will promote our event. So, it’s just about cross promotion, where we support each other, by building the overall health of the local business community—locals supporting locals,” McGrady and Ellis said.

Friday Feels will be held Friday, June 14 and Friday, June 28, 7 p.m. at Beach 97th Street. For more info and to buy tickets, check out Facebook event page: Friday Feels with Shayla & Coach Colette or visit