Dear Enchantress,


Ok, I'm coming right out with it. What is tantra? I've seen so much of it. I've seen you teaching about intimacy for men and women. I hear in tantra you can be closer to God. It sounds nuts, and I'm drawn to it, and also scared that it's some witchcraft, and I'll do damage. I also feel scared that I'll be different, or won't be able to get out of it. Right now, I'm not in a relationship, I also date online A LOT! No one really is exciting enough, so to be honest I usually drink on dates to be able to actually have a good time. How should I begin doing tantra? Can I just do it with a guy? Help? P.S. I'm being super brave here because it's anonymous! Thank you for being so non-judgmental.


Dear Tantra Tina,

Wow, so fun of you to ask this question. I'm excited to answer in the most simple and pure of ways... Tantra is a practice which involves mind, body and soul. It focuses on creating sexuality polarity. It's energy, and it's tension and it's breath and body connection, to oneself or another. Tantric sex emphasizes incredibly slow connections that are intentional and intimate. Deep breathing and certain rituals are used. It's a spiritual way of connecting deeper inside oneself or in connection with another. The goal is to attain higher levels of enlightenment. The practice is holy and done in a very present way. I recommend it absolutely sober; the results can be a heavy dose of pleasure.

It's not all sex-based, and it's extremely powerful, and can evoke big emotions and feelings. While it's nothing to be afraid of per say, it is powerful and not a cool thing to just jump into. It has an impact on the body and the partner (if there is one). My advice is to read a bit and find or intend to find a teacher that can support your journey. There are many online classes and schools that are amazing. When doing your research, see who and what school you are drawn to, follow your intuition and keep it to yourself, until you enroll. Getting too many opinions will cloud your intuition. Congratulations, on wanting to expand in your consciousness!


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