Electeds Follow Up On Future of Beach 116th Businesses


Senator Joe Addabbo and Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato are staying on top of the issue regarding several Beach 116th properties within an MTA property, possibly getting the boot. A recent conference call may have bought the businesses some time.

According to a press release from the elected officials, last month, some of the business owners made them aware that the MTA may kick out the current tenants, including Last Stop Gourmet Shop, Joseph A. Otton Tax & Accounting, Beach Cleaners and Tailors, and A & J Jewelry as they open up the Request for Proposal process to find new tenants for the properties. In response, Addabbo and Pheffer Amato wrote a letter to the MTA asking that they allow the businesses to stay in their property while the RFP process is ongoing.

Following up with the issue, Addabbo and Pheffer Amato recently held a conference call with the Governor’s office and the MTA to discuss the future of the businesses, which currently have month-to-month leases with the MTA.

In response to the letter, during the conference call, the MTA has alerted the elected officials that the RFP process will not begin until the first quarter of 2020, so the MTA will try to work out an agreement with their current tenants, possibly allowing their businesses to stay where they are. The MTA has also asked for contacts to the local Chamber of Commerce or other community organizations to include them in future discussions regarding the RFP process.

“It is promising to see the MTA respond the way they did to our letter. No one wanted to see these businesses have to uproot themselves from the community they call home without having any say,” Addabbo said. “Now, they have the chance to work out an agreement with the MTA. Although nothing is guaranteed, what this does is give our local businesses the chance to have their voices heard, and I appreciate the MTA for working with us in attempting to resolve this local business issue.”

“As I’ve said countless times: Small businesses are the backbone of Rockaway and South Queens. I commend the MTA for hearing our concerns, and for continuing the discussion with our businesses on Beach 116th Street so that they can remain a community staple,” said Pheffer Amato. “While we still have work to do, this is the first step in ensuring that the RFP process reflects the unique needs and challenges of our community. I look forward to working with the MTA and Senator Addabbo.”

In the meantime, one of the businesses has since closed up shop, but due to a seemingly unrelated reason. Beach Cleaners and Tailors is no longer open as the owners retired.