What the Heck is That?


Last week, some large solar panel devices landed near the concession stands, which may have peaked the curiosity of some. While they won’t charge your cell phones, they are another example of how NYC Parks is going green. The devices are solar panel-powered, electric-vehicle charging stations for Parks Department vehicles.

“We’re all charged up about our solar panel-powered, electric-vehicle charging stations! They provide a clean source of power for the electric vehicles in our citywide fleet. Parks currently has 320 charging ports throughout the five boroughs,” a Parks spokesperson said. “Four new ports were installed in Rockaway last week at Beach 97th Street, Beach 86th Street and Beach 32nd Street (2 stations). These units can generate approximately 200 E-miles (electric equivalent miles) per day.”

According to Parks, the department currently utilizes 250 electric vehicles, and have plans to add more. The charging stations are only for City vehicle use, but Parks is looking into the feasibility of allowing public access as well.