Help Keep Veterans’ Memory Alive


We want you—to help with information on the 140 people named at the Beach 94th Street “Doughboy” monument.

Robby Schwach, of Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office has his next project in mind—finding out the stories behind the people recognized on Rockaway’s “Doughboy” plaque.

Schwach said, “In 2016, I started a project to research the stories of men who are named on small stones at Memorial Circle at Beach 121st and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. The project began when some of the boys in the local Boy Scout Troop (147) inquired about the names. Who were they? Where in Rockaway did they live? As Scoutmaster, I didn’t know the answers and no one else did either. Very few of them still had relatives in Rockaway and some had very tenuous connections to the peninsula.

“After several months of research and community outreach, I was able to get basic information for 33 of the 35 men. Our office printed a small tribute booklet with this information that is now distributed each Memorial Day so the stories of these brave men are not lost to history,” Schwach explained.

Now he has a new focus. “I’m just beginning the research to do the same for the 140 people named at the ‘doughboy”’ monument on Beach 94th Street. I could use some help as there may be family members of these veterans still in the neighborhood. There are 17 WWI veterans, 82 WWII veterans (some of which are also listed at Memorial Circle), 12 Korean War vets and 29+ Vietnam War vets.”

If anyone has any information regarding any of the 140 people named on the monument, please contact Robby at Ulrich’s office by calling 718-318-6411 or emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.