Pickles Will Be Back


The pickles are coming. After an uproar in response to the news that the beloved Pickle People wouldn’t be returning to the boardwalk craft fairs, an alternative option has been proposed.

A few weeks ago, The Rockaway Times detailed the drama taking place among the boardwalk craft fairs, including a favorite vendor, the Pickle People, saying they weren’t welcome to Rockaway anymore as a food vendor. The Pickle People recently provided an update, saying that discussions are still taking place with the Parks Department. According to Leeann Jacobian, the Parks Department claims they didn’t know the Pickle People had been packaging their pickles on site, going against their alleged rule of only being able to sell pre-packaged pickles. Parks said they can only sell pre-packaged pickles but according to Jacobian, doing so would ruin the product with the fermented pickle jars being out on a hot summer day. Jacobian says they have all the permits to sell their pickles as they’ve been doing for the past 30 or so years. Discussions will continue to take place as to if the Pickle People can continue to operate as they were at the boardwalk fairs.

In the meantime, a Pickle Pop-Up is coming. Connolly’s on Beach 95th Street has invited the Pickle People to sell their pickles on their property on Saturday, August 24, from noon until about 7 p.m. So save the date, for a piña colada and pickle date!