Gun Threat Prompts Police Response to Ferry


There was a bit of a scare on the 9:15 a.m. ferry out of Rockaway on Wednesday, July 24,   when passengers realized they were being escorted by NYPD boats. Police were responding to a call of a man that said he had a gun.

According to police sources, a Hispanic male in his 50s, who appeared to be disheveled and an emotionally disturbed person (EDP), boarded the ferry without a ticket. According to a passenger on the boat who provided updates on the Citizen App, the man “was pissed they made him wait to board last because he needed to buy a ticket on board,” and the man was belligerent to the crew. According to the passenger, at some point, the man announced, “that’s why I keep the gun in my pocket.” This potential threat caused the crew to notify police.

As the man rode on the top dock of the boat, most were unaware of what was taking place until NYPD escorts started following the boat. When the ferry docked at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, the boat was met by a huge police presence that included two NYPD harbor boats, a helicopter, ESU with long guns and about two dozen cops.

Cops boarded the boat, and according to Brigid Bergin on WNYC, who was a passenger on the boat, they first knocked on the door of the bathroom and told the occupant to come out, but it was a teenage girl, rather than the perpetrator. The police then located the perp on the top deck of the ferry and he was removed without incident. According to some passengers, it appeared that the man was released, but according to police sources, he was taken into custody and charges are pending.

The boat remained at BAT while it was searched. No gun was found on board. The ferry was delayed by about half an hour before continuing on to Pier 11, where it arrived at around 10:35 a.m. Once the boat docked, the captain explained what had happened to passengers. No one was harmed in the incident.