Local Late Night Crime Spree


No, those weren’t rats or raccoons that made those holes. They were humans, up to no good. In the wee hours of the morning on Friday, August 2, thieves broke into four Rockaway Commons’ store fronts, located at Beach 86th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Businesses affected include RBNY Physical Therapy, Super Laundromat, Beauty Supply Shop, and an empty storefront that formerly was a dentist office. But that wasn't the only crime event to take place that early morning. On Beach 116th Street, a man reported to the police that he was approached by a man with a box cutter.

Regarding the burglaries, according to Jason Tenyk, co-owner of RBNY Physical Therapy, the thieves broke in through the back door of the empty storefront with shovels. Tenyk said, “They destroyed our beautiful mural on the wall created by local artist, Geoff Rawling (Rawling has offered to redo the mural.) In terms of money, all they took was $40 from our cash box, but the damages done to our office will cost us upward of a few thousand dollars. As we are a medical office, we don’t have any camera footage due to HIPAA laws, but the police are investigating the thieves’ fingerprints and DNA samples. Let’s see if these felons are found.”

In addition to the $40 from RBNY Physical Therapy, a $4000 DVR was removed from the laundromat; $800 was removed from the Beauty Supply shop, and as for the empty former dentist office, no items were removed. According to the NYPD press office, Paul James, a 31-year-old male from Brooklyn was eventually arrested and charged for the burglary and possession of burglar tools.

As for the attempted assault on Beach 116th Street, NYPD press states that at 2:25 a.m. on the Friday morning in front of 222 Beach 116th Street, a building that houses Last Stop Gourmet Shop, a 45-year-old male reported to the police that an unidentified man approached him and displayed a box cutter. The victim was not injured, but the following individual was arrested and charged for the assault: Johnny Torres, 60 years old from Manhattan. He was charged for menacing, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.