Updates from the Deep


Party and Poseidon Parade Plans Forming

Since I’ve been tasked with covering updates for Poseidon's Parade, I found it imperative to attend this year’s Tiki Party. Not only has Beach 119th Street taken home coveted trophies in previous Poseidon’s Parades, I knew I was sure to find members of the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade celebrating the greatest party of the summer. What was intended to be a purely professional evening, degenerated into a night of debauchery, confusion, inebriation and pure Rockaway magic.

I tried to discuss the upcoming costume exchange, which takes place today—Thursday, August 22 at Caracas from 5 to 9 p.m., but the music was too captivating. As Rob from “Ye Mighty Wave” roared into one of his patented, energy filled, poetic prophecies, I decided not to discuss the upcoming event. I’d catch up to parade organizers during the set break.

The opportunity presented itself on the front porch, where husband and wife to be, and this year’s king and queen of the parade, Bryan and Katie Pasta, filled me in on the details. I asked Bryan, a pirate and dragon boat deckhand, about the event. Katie rapidly answered, “It’s an opportunity for people to get their old costumes out of the closet and exchange both costumes and ideas. It takes place at Caracas, a huge supporter of the parade, and a legendary beach hangout. Even if you’ve never marched or made a mermaid costume, you should come by and check it out.”

As she supplied important details, I became distracted by the sound of Indaculture starting up their set. I rudely walked away. Some say Katie’s still supplying pertinent details on the front deck of Rockaway’s favorite hangout. One thing’s for sure, she will be leading the parade with Bryan on September 21.

The mermaids went bonkers when the band ripped into “El Capitan,” an ode to the dragon boat, and brigade dictator Geoff Rawling. I asked Johnny Sica what he thought about the upcoming parade, and if he had plans for his group. He responded, “Parade?” as he watched the band, brandishing a Cheshire cat smile.

 It was not an easy night to get information. As “Real Young and Lazy Horse” tested the structural integrity of the Tiki Bar deck, I watched in disbelief as members of the brigade started a boisterous, ‘90s punk style mosh pit on the crowded deck. Beers flew through the air, and people got knocked around like pinballs in a malfunctioning pinball mashing. I put down my pad and decided to join in on the madness. As they cranked into “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World,” I realized why the parade is such a success. This town knows how to work hard, party hard, and rock the $%^& out! It was truly a night to remember, if I only could...

As I tried to manage my massive hangover, I called up Geoff. He told us that the Whalemenia float is up and ready for the parade. He hopes to get live music on top of it and start the parade with a splash. Members of the Brigade are calling on all blocks and restaurants and bars to join the parade. The more participants, the more the parade can grow. Rockaway needs to tap into its creative and competitive roots, and make this a parade for the ages. It’s the only proper sendoff for such an amazing summer. To register for the event, visit Poseidonsparade.com