Cuomo Directs DPS to Investigate National Grid’s Refusal of Service


On Tuesday, August 27, Governor Cuomo issued a letter directing the Department of Public Service (DPS) to broaden its investigation into National Grid's refusal of service. In the letter, the Governor directed DPS to ensure National Grid immediately provides service to customers who were improperly refused service and impose penalties and sanctions, as appropriate. If National Grid is unable to provide safe, affordable and reliable service to its customers, the Governor has directed DPS to consider alternatives to National Grid as a franchisee for some or all of the areas it currently serves.

Cuomo urged DPS to ensure that National Grid provides service if its claims of a gas shortage are not true. If National Grid’s claims about failure to properly service customers are true, Cuomo suggested that maybe it’s time for another solution. “I direct you to consider alternatives to National Grid as franchisee for some or all of the areas it currently serves,” stated Cuomo in his letter.

According to a recent article in Newsday: Environmental groups have accused the company (National Grid) of fabricating a gas-supply shortage to manipulate the state into approving the Northeast Supply Enhancement project, a proposed $1 billion project by Williams Co. to provide an additional 400 million cubic feet of natural gas to the region per day. National Grid has denied those charges, saying the project is needed to meet soaring regional demand.

After New York denied a water-quality permit for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, or NESE, in May, National Grid stopped signing up new accounts, as it had vowed to do if construction could not proceed.