End of Summer Fun in Roxbury


The kids of Roxbury were kept busy this summer with a plethora of activities from swimming lessons and races, to volleyball lessons and even a kite flying day.

This was the tenth year for Roxbury swimming lessons given by Kathy Kirker and family. What could be more important than children learning how to swim when they live by the water. Swimming races were brought back to Roxbury eight years ago. This year’s race winners include Michael Wheeler, Caitlyn Wheeler, Haley Printz, Emma McGorty, Ev McGorty, Eden McGorty, Ev Abel and Gracie Abel. Even the adults got in on the action. The adult winners are Jim Dengler, Albert Loyola and Ed McGorty.

Volleyball lessons are now in their ninth year. The children were fortunate this year to have Lynn Beruldsen Milano, a professional volleyball teacher and coach, who did amazing things with the kids. She was assisted by Erin Hvidsten, who has been teaching the kids all summer. One of our youngest volleyball players was two-year-old Alice Bishop, who learned how to bump the volleyball. 

Roxbury's Kite Flying Day was a huge success aided by a strong cooperating wind. Over 85 kites filled the sky over Roxbury. Wide smiles were shown by the children and Carol Weinsheimer, our senior kite flyer, who flew her kite for over an hour. One kite was so high over Roxbury, you could hardly see it and we thought we might be in trouble with JFK Airport.

None of the above would have happened without the help of my sidekick Pat Hurley and the many volunteers that helped.

I'm looking forward to continuing these programs for many years to come. I hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Mardi Gras.  See you all next year.