A Parade Fit For Poseidon


They did it again. For the fifth year in a row, the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade ended summer with a bang with their annual Poseidon’s Parade. Creativity overflowed the boardwalk on Saturday, September 21 at the parade which drew the most participants and biggest crowds yet.

No one was envious of the judges who although had the best seats in the house, also had the tough job of picking the winners, as competition was tough. However, they somehow did it. This year’s winner include John Cori’s Rainbow for Best Float; Three dogs in a shell wagon for Best Pet; Kyle Wade for his Miss Colombia look in a group of Miss Colombias for Best Overall Individual; Arverne By the Sea and drag queen Ginger Ladd for Best Block; the Tailshakers for Best Performance; the Golden Mermaid for Best Child; Bungalow Bar’s Cowabungalow Ninja Turtles for Best Bar; Yach’t Rock Charter’s use of their tender Turtle for Best Use of Recycled Materials; the 101 Dolphins’ bikes for Best Bike; the Atom Smasher for Best Pull Cart; and the Mardi Gras Mermaids who threw beads at the judges to win Best Adult Group. All of the winners were given unique handmade trophies at the after-party at the Beach 94th Plaza.

Congratulations to all of the participants for coming up with some mermaizing ideas and to the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade for putting on yet another fintastic parade!

We wish we had space for hundreds of photos but here are a few of the winners and some other great looks.

Photos by Annie White, Mark Eidinger, Monica Ramirez and Katie McFadden.