Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • While playing chess with the Duchess of Bourbon in France, Benjamin Franklin put her king in check and took it. She was so angry that she said, “We do not take kings so.” To which he responded with “We do in America.”
  • In 2007, a dead Bowhead whale was found with a harpoon embedded in its blubber that dated back to the 1800s.
  • Roman emperor Caligula once waged war on Poseidon. He had his army march to the beach and start stabbing the water.
  • Ranch dressing contains Titanium Dioxide which is used to make it appear whiter. The same ingredient is used in sunscreen and paint for the same effect.
  • The bar tab of a 1787 farewell party for George Washington is still intact. According to the bill, the founding fathers drank 54 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of Claret, 7 bottles of Whiskey, 22 bottles of Porter, 8 bottles of Hard Cider, 12 bottles of Beer, and 7 Bowls of Alcoholic Punch. There were 65 attendees.
  • Pound cake got its name from its original recipe, which called for a pound each of butter, eggs, sugar and flour.


       Facts from Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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