Crime Scenes Of Newly-Released Bail Reform Inmates


On January 1, 2020, bail reform officially went into effect. After the law passed over the summer, the Queens District Attorney’s office released a map of what that would mean for Queens communities, when those incarcerated at Rikers Island were released under this law. The accompanying map shows the areas where some of those inmates who were released on Wednesday, allegedly committed their crimes. In Rockaway, that showed about 30 locations.

Along with the map, the Queens DA’s office released the following statement:

"On January 1, 2020, New York State judges will no longer be able to set bail on residential burglaries, robberies ‘aided by another’ (both of which are classified as violent felonies), all but one of the most serious narcotics felonies, most non-violent felonies (including manslaughter in the second degree and other crimes you may consider violent) and most misdemeanors. Based on a snapshot we did of the Queens Rikers population on June 6, 2019, we estimate the new laws, if in effect today, would result in the release of approximately 363 inmates currently incarcerated on Rikers Island who committed the above types of crimes in Queens County. These inmates have an average of six prior felony arrests, five misdemeanor arrests, two felony convictions and six misdemeanor convictions. On January 1, 2020, the people charged with these crimes will walk out the doors of Rikers Island. The attached map is designed to allow you to see where they allegedly committed the crimes they are charged with. Each blue pin shows the location of the crime they are currently incarcerated for.”

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