Student Meets Official Regarding Shuttle


Last Friday, March 6, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer-Amato hosted local Scholars’ Academy Middle School student, Tony T., to review a data analysis project he conducted over the month of November, and to discuss transportation issues and solutions for the Rockaway Peninsula. The project, conducted through in-person observation and data analysis, compared times that the Broad Channel - Rockaway Park shuttle was scheduled to arrive against actual arrival times at the station during his morning commute.

“Tony’s project was just another confirmation of what we already knew—
transportation on the peninsula is challenging and needs to be more reliable,” the Assemblywoman said. “Tony did a great job presenting his findings to me and gave me bold suggestions for transportation improvements he wants to see. He is a great example of young people getting engaged in their community, and it was a pleasure to go over his findings and talk about transportation challenges we face.”