Blue Ribbon Challenge Accepted by Rockaway Locals


 On Thursday, March 5, locals joined the ROCKAWAY WISH (Women Inspired to Support and Help) in accepting the Blue Ribbon Challenge. With 150 blue bows donated by WISH, many adults and children from the neighborhood came out to decorate the trees along Newport Avenue, between Beach 116th and Beach 149th Streets, with blue ribbons. The purpose of this event was to show the NYPD that Rockaway residents support them, and are appreciative of all their hard work and effort in keeping our community safe. The event proved to be successful, attracting many people proudly participating in the challenge. Students and teachers from St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy (SFDSCA), as well as Girl Scout Troop 4150, were just some of those in attendance.

NYPD ESU Lieutenant Keith Gallagher, Detective Matt O’Grady, and Police Officer Christian Salvage from the Emergency Service Unit Truck 6, all came out to show their appreciation for the event’s purpose. Law enforcement officials arrived in their Unit Truck 6, and spent time with the children in attendance, educating them on how their vehicle works and when they would need to use the truck. They also let students take pictures inside and outside of the truck. The children were so grateful to dedicate their free time to help support the NYPD, that SFDSCA 6th grader, Tess Kuhlman said, “I already completed all of my community service for the year, but I just really wanted to help and support the NYPD.”

The day’s event was a success in spreading the message that Rockaway residents support the NYPD, and all that they do for our community. WISH member, and organizer of the event, Christine James, expressed her gratitude for the great turnout by saying to all who participated, “Remember, what we can’t do alone, we can do together.”

By Marina Cregan